Francesca and her blue dress

This is Ultrabasic raven hair Cinderella, Cherished Friends Exclusive, 2010. She was one of my very first Tonner dolls. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her dressed as a medieval lady. I bought her from a friend in Russia and she was waiting for me there until I came there for a holiday. So, her first photos were all taken in Russia.

I made this dress for her in advance and brought it with me. Her name now is Francesca.

2 thoughts on “Francesca and her blue dress

  1. Очень красивое платье!!! Да ещё в таком размере выполнено, это фантастика, потому что смотрится как настоящее( на девушку)!!!

  2. Лена, спасибо! Я б сама такое платье с удовольствием носила бы!

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