Two Ellowyne meet-ups

My friend Ariadne and I love Ellowyne dolls. And we have had two Ellowyne meet-ups when she brought her dolls to me and we photographed our dolls together. (Another meet-up is being planned!)

The first meeting happened in September 2011. At that point three of the dolls were mine, the rest were Julia’s.

The second meeting was in December 2011 when we were already even (the red-haired basic Ellowyne in pink outfit was our other friend’s. She also came to the meet-up with her doll.). Some of the outfits here are created by us (5 out of 12).

4 thoughts on “Two Ellowyne meet-ups

  1. Радует, что эти красотки живут у меня

    И что их все больше и больше

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