Bree by Bo Bergemann

I received this doll from Bo Bergemann a few months ago, but other matters / dolls / projects occupied my mind and time, so I couldn’t get around to completing her look with a perfect wig and a dress. But I have finally done it.

So, let me introduce her. She is Bree, a doll from Bo’s Dream Doll line. She is 15.5 inches / 40 cm tall and she has a slim girlish body. I named her Isabel.

I decided not to invent another bicycle and knitted her a dress from a pattern by Becky Colvin. I followed the instructions for Ellowyne size – and it fitted perfectly! I used Fingering yarn Palette from, colour Peapod and knitting needles #1 (2.25mm) for the cowl neck, #0 (2mm) for the main body and #000 (1.5mm) for the ribbing on the sleeves, the bottom edge and the belt. The dress closes at back with a few snaps.

4 thoughts on “Bree by Bo Bergemann

  1. Юля, спасибо! В отличие от других кукол Бо, эту девушку отчего-то оказалось очень сложно фотографировать…

  2. На первой фотографии – ну просто красотка! Ракурс очень удачный!

  3. I was waiting for so long to see the end result but it was so worth it!!! I love her! Ambriel is definitely my favorite sculpt and Bree looks very similar. Love the wig you chose for her! And this green dress looks perfect! I wish my Ambriel would have the same cute body!

  4. Sviatlana, thank you very much! I was very keen to hear what you think about her! I know, you were waiting! Her body is very cute indeed, and very easy to make clothes for (at least, knitting!) as the size is basically identical to that of Ellowyne dolls. But, to be honest, I still prefer Ambriel’s body. Maybe, she is my first love among Bo’s dolls but she is more special to me. (Shall we swap bodies? Just kidding, but I actually would love to put her on an Ambriel’s body!)

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