Cable dress for Beatrice

IMG_1904_thumb IMG_1936_thumbI knitted this dress while I was waiting for my Beatrice (Isar). I tried it on my Etheldreda but she has a smaller chest, so I was a bit uncertain. Anyway, the dress fits quite well, I think!

I used Fingering yarn Palette from, colour Serrano and knitting needles #1 (2.25mm) for the cowl neck, #0 (2mm) for the main body and #000 (1.5mm) for the ribbing on the sleeves and the bottom edge. The dress closes at back with snaps.

5 thoughts on “Cable dress for Beatrice

  1. Как же мне нравится переплетение косичек по центру! Есть в этом что-то от традиционных ирландских узоров. И цвет пряжи очень красивый.
    Оля, поздравляю с очередным творческим свершением!

  2. Beautiful as always! Love this bright color on
    Beatrice! She is gorgeous! Iplehouse dolls have most realistic proportions and it makes dressing them such a fun! (He, I have just one doll from IH for the moment.)

  3. Лара, спасибо большое! Я тоже очень люблю косички. Сейчас вяжу новое платье, для куклы Кайе Виггз, и тоже с такими же косичками. Очень люблю их вязать.

    Sviatlana, thanks a lot! it’s true, Iplehouse dolls are so lifelike! I love them. Making clothes for them is a delight. (Any plans to add more dolls from Iplehouse to your doll family? )

    1. I’m definitely adding BID on some point so Lonnie can have sibling. As for big dolls-not so sure. The good thing (or bad)- IH keeps come up with new sculpts. Maybe, one day I’ll see MSD Audrey or Mari. For now -I’m safe.

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