I have changed a wig for my Philippa (Pippa by Bo Bergemann). I think I will try to bond with her by giving her to my friend Ariadne for a new face-up. I love Bo’s artist face-ups, but Pippa is the only one of her dolls in my collection that has a factory face-up (I was lucky to find her as it is!!). And though it is similar in style to Bo’s face-ups, I can see the difference. She needs larger eyelashes and new eyes. We’ll see! Maybe I will keep her, after all!



5 thoughts on “Philippa

    1. Марин, зеленые, которые по Юлиной ссылке? Я никак не могу решить, какие ей лучше – синие или зеленые. С зелеными она необычнее, т.к. обычно у нее глаза голубые.

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