Lavender dress for Anika

My Anika is preparing to go on a 2-month long holiday to Europe and since I already had this hat which I had sewn for my Ellowyne doll Violetta, and because it is reversible, I decided to make a matching dress for Anika. She looked so cute in this huge hat and it matched her green eyes that I couldn’t resist!

So, here it is. The bodice is made using Ariadne‘s pattern, and the skirt is made without any patterns. I simply cut strips of fabric and gathered them on my overlock machine, trimming the excess. The main skirt (the lavender coloured one) was gathered a few time to make it fuller. It took me just a couple of hours to make this dress. The dress closes at back with snaps.



4 thoughts on “Lavender dress for Anika

  1. Beautiful dress! It suits Anika perfectly-girly and adorable just like your little redhead beauty! Can’t wait to see pictures from her trip!

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