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After some thought and lots of doubts I have decided it is high time I opened a shop on Etsy. For those who don’t know – Etsy is a marketplace for handmade items.

Having been occasionally selling on eBay in the last year I have decided I’ve had enough of it. Perhaps, I was particularly unlucky, but I had SIX (!!) unpaid cases in the last year (two of them happened simultaneously just last week and are still pending). Those who bid and then don’t pay do not realize they hurt not only their own reputation (unpaid cases are always recorded on their account), but also, up to a point, a reputation of an innocent seller. Besides, if an item is not paid for, eBay would still charge a seller the final value of the item which is why unpaid cases have to be opened.

So, having had enough problems with buyers on eBay, I have returned to my account on Etsy which I opened a year ago but didn’t get around to fully explore. Now I will!

So, welcome to my shop on Etsy: Swish & Swirl. It is still pretty raw as I am still learning about Etsy and finding my way around. There aren’t many items there at the moment, and, in fact, all of them were made by Ariadne for our online shop in Singapore, but we needed to get it started. And I am working on my own items at the moment.

In a short while the shop will change its name as will this blog as I am currently in a process of re-branding. But it is still Daisy Dolls for the moment and I will definitely let everyone know once I have a new name!


6 thoughts on “My little shop on Etsy

  1. Оля, поздравляю с выбором площади для активной торговой деятельности! Пусть вам с Юлей впредь встречаются только ответственные покупатели!
    Новое название – это звучит интригующе)))

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Новое название мне нужно, потому что, во-первых, мы переезжаем в Англию через 2 года, а там Дейзи Доллз невозможно зарегистрировать (у меня на это название зарегистрирована торговая марка в Сингапуре), а во-вторых, хочется более элегантного названия (как оказалось, Дейзи Доллз путают с какой-то куклой Дейзи!).

  2. Оленька, поздравляю тебя с открытием нового магазина!
    Пусть бизнес идет успешно, а творчество приносит много радости. Хороших и ответственных тебе покупателей )))
    Надеюсь, скоро увидим результат ребрендинга

    1. Оленька, спасибо большое! Ответственные покупатели мне не помешают, это точно! Так устала от ибея, ты не представляешь.

  3. Hi Olga, I did favorite, heart, your new Etsy shop. I’m sorry about eBay and I don’t blame you for stopping that. I also follow symidollclothes, Larisa. I love everything she makes, really really nice. I am just beginning to start a small local business. It’s quite a lot of work and planning, never mind sewing. I am starting with craft shows. I do like fine sewing and I am drawn to particular outfits that are well designed. I am an expert embroiderer and have made my own historical garments and dolls to. Now I just enjoy American Girl dolls. I look forward to hear more of your experiences on Etsy. Congratulations and best wishes, Meg Jewell

    1. Hi Meg, Thank you so much! I have also found you on Etsy (through Larisa!) and am now following you there! 🙂 I’ve known Larisa for a few years and I absolutely love what she makes! Good luck with your business. It is tough at the beginning (I am still there, too!), but then it should kick off. I have had a local online doll shop in Singapore for the last 2 years where I sell dolls (can you believe there are absolutely NO quality dolls in Singapore!!). Ariadne and I only participate in 2 fairs a year in my children’s school – selling Gotz, American Girl and Kidz’n’Cats dolls and also our own creations (school uniform is particularly popular!). But I will have to close the shop down when we move back to the UK, and anyway, both of us would rather just concentrate on making outfits for dolls – it’s much more fun! Ariadne is now on Etsy, too, by the way.

      What do you embroider? I love embroidery, too, but have given up on a couple of my cross-stitch tapestries when my doll hobby overpowered it! I hope I will finish them one day, but I fear not in the near future! I am planning to start using embroidery for my doll outfits, though.

      And now I am starting a very daring project – I need to make a dress for my daughter who will have a Victorian Day in her school in February. I have just bought a perfect plaid fabric and lots of white cotton – for chemise, pantaloons, petticoat and the dress. Not sure a 10-year-old needs a corset in +35 heat… But am considering that, too. I won’t be brave enough to do it authentically by hand and I will definite;y simplify it a lot as I can’t see the point in this case. But.. that’s my target. And a matching dress for one of her American Girl dolls, of course!

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