Renewed Etheldreda

Etheldreda (Tania) was my very first Iplehouse doll. She has been living with me for 2 years already. And she was the very first BJD that my friend Ariadne painted. She has now improved her technique so much that we decided to give Etheldreda a new face-up!

And here she is – looking a bit older and fresher. I simply love her new look!





8 thoughts on “Renewed Etheldreda

    1. Марина, спасибо! Я тубу лично те фотки послала. Мастерство сильно выросло!

    1. Таня, спасибо большое! Она в принципе очень юная, молд такой. Я вот не вижу ее взрослой дамой. Даже 18-19-летней не вижу… ей лет 13-14, не больше. И она с каждым мейком (а это уже третий, фактически) становится чуточку взрослее и свежее!

  1. She looks perfect now! Rosy cheeks and new brow shape suits her very well. Face-wise Iplehouse JIDs make perfect teenagers but their girls bodies are a little bit too womanly for my taste.

    1. Thank you! I also think she is perfect now! I agree about JID bodies. The one my Etheldreda has is not too bad because she has the smallest bust possible (perfect for a 13-year-old), but her hips are still too large for the supposed age (but, luckily, can’t be seen under the dress!!).

  2. She looks lovely, I love the expression on her face, especially her mouth and the subtle cheek blush! The dress is beautiful too. I’m happy for you that you made a decision about Rosy too :-). Greetings Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! Ariadne paints perfect lips, in my opinion. She doesn’t use gloss – it is just pastels and nothing else (I think!). We learnt this technique from Kaye Wiggs. Yes, Rosy is staying for the moment – you are right there, I nearly forgot why exactly was selling her in the first place! Maybe, she is meant to stay?

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