Two gymnasts

A set of two gymnastics leotards knitted by my mum! This is the most recent one, for a mini American Girl doll. Don’t you think, Isabelle makes a perfect gymnast?



I have already shown the leotard for McKenna  before, but here it is together with its mini version!


I have discovered that red and yellow really suit McKenna!


8 thoughts on “Two gymnasts

  1. Мама у тебя рукодельница. И ведь связано это из тонюсеньких ниточек 🙂

    1. Марина, спасибо! Да, мелкий купальник связан из очень тонких ниток.

  2. Beautiful knitting of your mum! The little and big doll on one picture is so cute, they both look very sporty :-). PS: I switched my blog to WordPress, you’re welcome to drop by if you like! Linda

    1. Hi Linda, thank you so much! Both of these leotards are for my younger daughter and her dolls. She did gymnastics until recently and asked for the leotards. I will definitely check your blog once I have a proper computer and proper Internet connection. I am travelling in the UK at the moment and have to write from my mobile if and when I get WiFi.

  3. Отличный купальник и такой малюсенький, мама творит чудеса!!!

    1. Лена, спасибо большое. Мама у меня и правда удивительная рукодельница!!

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