Lavender cardigan for Matilda

A second cardigan that my mum has knitted to fit Matilda. It’s amazing how this lavender colour suits her!







4 thoughts on “Lavender cardigan for Matilda

  1. What a pretty cardigan, the colour suits her perfectly. I liked the yellow one yesterday too….aren’t we lucky when our mums take an interest in our dolls and make things for them!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Sharon, thank you so much! Yes, I think it’s amazing how well lavender colour suits her! And it is indeed lucky that our mums get interested in dolls – another thing to share!

    1. Hi Linda, yes, as it happens, my mum is now helping me with the knitting patterns – I don’t have time to figure them out myself but she is brilliant at it. At my request, she has just knitted another similar cardigan and has jotted down the instructions which I will re-organaze, test myself and then yes, there will be a pattern.

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