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Once upon a time, a long long time ago… OK, it was just about 3.5 years ago when I bought my first Australian Girl doll. As I said at a time, I bought her out of curiosity because I’d already had American Girl, Gotz and Carpatina dolls by then. She was Matilda and I showed her here. She was a gorgeous doll but unfortunately after about a year I decided to let her go – to my friend – not because I stopped liking her. No! That was because at a time I tried to trim my collection and I was more into Tonner dolls than into playdolls. Anyway, my Matilda is very happy in her new home in Russia – I’ve seen her photos, she is as gorgeous as ever.

But recently I have had a U-turn in the direction of playdolls again – especially A Girl for All Time, Kidz’n’Cats and Maru & friends dolls. And I started looking at Australian Girl dolls again. Especially since I kept bumping into photos of them on various social media – Facebook, Instagram, etc. And I fell in love with these dolls again. I love Annabelle and Emily and still admire Matilda. But my favourite is Amy – because she doesn’t have bangs, has gorgeous curls and darker skin. But out of all dolls she is the only one not available on the official Australian Girl website at the moment and, as I was told, would not be available there for a while. So, I pre-ordered Emily instead (I am still waiting for her, she should be here around mid-October which is exciting!). But Amy was still on my wishlist. I decided to look for her and I was really lucky because I managed to find her in an Australian shop Gumnut Toys. I immediately placed an order and just over a week later she arrived!!

And she left me in awe! She is absolutely gorgeous!! I am so happy I chose her!


So, Amy, an Australian Girl doll… She is one of the 5 dolls in the line, the other four being Annabelle (Belle), Matilda, Emily and Jasmine.


She is the only doll with slightly darker skin (which I love, because I love tanned dolls!). All Australian Girl dolls are 50 cm tall. The lower half of her body is soft (just like American Girl dolls’ bodies), the rest is vinyl. Her eyes can close. And her hair is a beautiful Kanekalon wig. Being larger than American Girl dolls, she can’t share clothes with them, but I believe the patterns for AG dolls can easily be adjusted to fit her (I will find out soon!).

Amy came in a beautiful box (just like Matilda did some years ago).




In the box there is an extra pair of yellow flip-flops – because Australian Girl dolls can actually wear them (because they are Australian, as it is explained on the box!).



Amy is larger than American Girl dolls and she feels lovely in one’s hands. Just a perfect size. And she looks so happy!! It’s impossible not to smile when looking at her!



Amy’s dress is gorgeous and well made and so are her white sandals.



A detail of her skirt.


And the close-up of the sandals.


Her hair came tied up in a ponytail. I will let it down later, when I make a new dress for her. But I know what gorgeous soft curls are hiding there!!


Some more photos of this beauty.




I have decided, after consulting with my daughters, that her name in our family will be Ameya (it’s an Indian name of Hindu origin, meaning boundless).

Ameya and Sienna, a mini doll from Our Generation.




On the whole, I am really happy with Amy. And with the fact that I managed to find her when she was not available anywhere else. Now I can’t wait for her friend Emily to come. I wonder which name she will choose…

14 thoughts on “Amy – Australian Girl doll

  1. Я тоже люблю загорелых кукол 🙂 Эми замечательная. Розовое платье ей очень идет. Интересна, как будет выглядеть Эмили.
    Мини куколка хорошенькая. Мне ещё нравится рыженькая с веснушками. Что- то я на кукол 6″ начинаю западать. Хочется всех и побольше 😀

    1. Марина, спасибо большое! Эмили я просто жду не дождусь сама. Но мне кажется, лучше Эми нет никого!
      Вторая мини куколка у нас как раз рыжая с веснушками, Кендра.

  2. Олечка, поздравляю с новой красавицей, она великолепна!!! Восторженные личики этих девочек никого не оставят равнодушными!!! Вам привет от Матильды-Николь

    1. Леночка, спасибо большое! Согласна, личики у девочек очень восторженные, удовольствие на них смотреть! Матильде-Николь привет от Эми-Амейи!

  3. Your new girl is really pretty! I’d not heard of the Australian Girls until recently but like you, I’m seeing them increasingly around the internet. I also like the tanned dolls as they photograph so well in the sunshine. The fact that she can wear flip flops or ‘thongs’ as the Aussies call them, is an added bonus! I look forward to seeing Emily when she arrives.

    1. Sharon, thank you so much! Yes, tanned girls are definitely easier to photograph! And yes, Aussies call flip flops thongs, but as a British family in Singapore we are trying very hard to stick to the British English as much as possible. It is very easy to start mixing up English from different countries in such an international place as this!

  4. Оля, поздравляю! Эми – сплошной восторг! В ней все замечательно: и нежный аутфит, и загар, и очаровательное личико))) Но я больше всего в восторге от ее локонов

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Локоны у нее точно шикарные. Вот как распущу их!!! очень хочется уже что-нибудь сшить на эту красавицу.

  5. Позитивная девочка, милая, и видно, что качественная. Я тут у нас видела, кажется, китайскую копию, даже подержала в руках – симпатичная, но качество, конечно, не то. Очень славная у тебя малышка, и личико такое живое, эмоциональное.

    1. Инна, спасибо большое! О, она отлично сделана! Я же, в принципе, была уже знакома с этими девочками. Помнишь же Матильду-Николь, которая переехала к Лене жить? Я еще тогда ее качество оценила, но как-то не кликнуло с ней тогда, слишком быстро на Тоннеров переключилась. Все хотела на нее что-нибудь сшить, да так и не сшила. А сейчас я опять что-то вернулась к куклам-детям. На новеньких потянуло. Вот Эми приехала первой из них – и восторг полный! (Скоро канадочка приедет, и еще у меня появилась новая англичанка от Bonnie&Pearl, компании всего год, купила из любопытства, но не пожалела ничуть! Скоро покажу.)

    1. Thank you, Linda! Yes, her eyes do close. The cost of dolls on the official website is around US$100 (AU$129-130). I guess, it depends on the exchange rate. But Amy is not available there at the moment (and I’ve checked the shop where I bought mine – she is also sold out there). I’ve heard they are planning to introduce a 2nd edition of Amy later this year.

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