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I have recently written a review about my first Bonnie & Pearl doll. Well, I really liked that doll and I wanted to see what brown eyes would look like on these dolls. So having seen lots of photographs I decided on a brown-eyed blond girl. I think, she is now my favourite!!

So, I will repeat that Bonnie & Pearl is a British company and a relative newcomer to the doll market. They are based in Wales and I have heard opinions that these dolls look rather Welsh. Well, perhaps. I don’t really know.

All dolls arrive in a very colourful box.


The insert to which the doll is attached doubles as a bed which is left blank for girls to colour it in to their liking. The bed comes with a pillow.


The doll is 19-inch (48 cm) tall. The outfit is beautiful and is very well made. It consists of a blouse, a skirt with a tulle petticoat, a handbag, shoes, pink bow ribbon hairpin and panties. Her hair is simply gorgeous. It is a thick quality wig which can be styled in my different ways.


B&P dolls have open-close eyes. And I find these brown eyes just perfect! They are not as shiny and reflective as the blue ones. They have wonderful depth and warmth. I think, brown eyes for me from now on!


Here are both of my Bonnie & Pearl dolls together.



Some photos of my Tris. I’ve found that it is much easier to photograph her inside in a photo studio rather than doing so outside in the natural light. Her blue eyes don’t reflect so much indoors.



And changing clothes at last. This time I decided to try on outfits that were made for Gotz dolls. And I think they fit them much better than AG clothes.



Two beauties together. I named my second one Florence. So, Tris and Florence…


That’s how Bonnie & Pearl dolls look next to Gotz doll Hannah. I think, they look good together.


And Florence next to Eleanore (Gotz doll Nore).


Some more portraits of Florence. She is truly beautiful. I think she is the most beautiful of all Bonnie & Pearl dolls.








So, the second Bonnie & Pearl doll only proved to me that these dolls certainly deserve attention. They are well made and are very beautiful. I can’t wait to make something especially for these dolls. The patterns are ready already. Time to sew!

8 thoughts on “Another Bonnie & Pearl doll

  1. Florence is quite lovely. Love that you chose blonde with brown eyes. Her mouth shape reminds me of the actress who played Susan in the Chronicles of Narnia series – perhaps she is Welsh.

    1. Thank you, Grace! I agree, these dolls look much better in handmade clothes! I’ve heard the clothes that B&P offers are also good. Judging by the outfit in which these dolls come, I have to agree – the quality is high. Though I personally prefer more fitted clothes, so I will be making some for mine soon.

  2. Кареглазка очень красивая. Жалко, что у рыженькой такие глаза, волосы у неё роскошные. Ей бы глазки простые, зелено-коричневые, или темно-синие. 🙂

    1. Согласна, кареглазка просто бесподобна!! И волосы у нее не мене роскошные, чем у рыженькой, кстати. И рыжая у меня стоит вот сейчас, глаза не отсвечивают, и я ее очень люблю. Ее просто на улице лучше не фотографировать. Или со вспышкой. А кареглазкам ничего не страшно.

  3. Another pretty girl Olga, I think I’m with you on this and also prefer the brown eyes. Having said that, I have always had a thing for brown eyes on humans, now it’s moved onto my dolls too 🙂
    Hugs Sharon, trying to type with a Chihuahua on my wrist licking my hand! 😉

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I also tend to choose dolls with brown eyes, though my recent craze is dolls with blue eyes and dark hair. Love that combination.

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