Nautical Laura…

My Gotz doll Laura has got a new dress. It was pretty much an improvisation but I love the final result. It started with a pattern by Suzy M Studio which I reduced while printing it out. I cut the dress out, having totally forgotten that Gotz dolls are taller than AG dolls, so if I reduce an AG pattern, the overall length would reduce, too. So, the dress that I made fitted Laura well but was way too short! I thought of making a t-shirt out of it but then decided to add a large double folded ruffle to extend the skirt. It may be a bit too long at the back, but I still love it. And the red necklace that I made especially for the dress, really compliments it.






4 thoughts on “Nautical Laura…

  1. Хорошее платье. Я бы в оборке изменила направление полос и соединила её впереди как на жакетах, полукруглыми краями, которые соединяются в одной точке 🙂
    Бусики очень оживляют наряд

    1. Марина, ну сейчас уже поздно что-то менять, да и количество ткани не позволяло сделать полоски вертикальными. Лаура, по-любому, довольна и пока снимать платье отказывается!!

  2. I think it looks nice on her, it reminds me a little of a flamenco dress with that frill being a bit longer at the back! And the shoes too 🙂
    She’s a pretty girl and the blue and white, with a touch of red, really suits her….may favourite colours 🙂
    Hugs Sharon xx

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, it reminds me of a flamenco dress, too! I am glad you think so, too. I am very much into all things Spanish! (I am planning a Spanish dress for one of my BJD dolls and a historical 19th century Spanish dress for another BJD – I have even bought small peinetas for them!)

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