UK school uniform

I like doll versions of school uniforms for my daughters. It is so exciting to see them in miniature. My daughters’s American Girl dolls already have the uniforms of our former school in Singapore and now I’ve decided to make the uniforms of their schools in the UK.

My middle daughter’s doll got hers first (I am still thinking how to get some tartan for the skirt of my eldest daughter’s school – it is so unique that it can’t be substituted). The whole uniform will be my daughter’s Christmas present.

I made this uniform from a real school pullover and a real school skirt which I bought at the school second-hand shop. The fabric for the blouse was from my fabric stash – I was lucky to have the right fabric in the right scale.



Grace and a class mascot!




At the entrance of the school.


The school blouse that was hiding underneath the pullover. It has 3 real buttons at the front and fake buttons with hidden snaps on the cuffs.


The pullover closes at the back with a zipper.


The pleated skirt has a zipper on the left side and a button. I have managed to use the zipper from the original uniform!


The detail of the sleeve and cuff.


4 thoughts on “UK school uniform

  1. Здорово, Оль! Совсем настоящая форма, только маленькая! Точность деталей – то, что всегда меня восхищает.
    А колготки откуда?
    (Супер! Твои дочки счастливы наверняка!)

    1. Инна, спасибо огромное! Я обожаю точность в деталях, ты знаешь! Колготки купила в My Doll Best Friend. Собственно, с них все и началось – увидела колготки и поняла, что срочно надо шить форму! Одновременно купила черные колготки для формы старшей дочки. Но там форма сложнее – есть еще блейзер с эмблемой школы. Детям форма очень понравилась (только от средней, для кого форма предназначается, мы ее прячем. Она догадывается, думаю, но просит не показывать.)

  2. I’m with you on school uniforms for dolls, I love them, although to date haven’t any for my own dolls. I have made some Japanese school uniforms in the past as commissions for BJDs but nothing yet for my vinyl girls and boys. One day….
    I love this uniform, the red does suit your daughters doll very well. I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again….I sooo wish the AGs had a full vinyl body or at least a vinyl breastplate!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you very much, Sharon! I have an advantage of having school aged girls so I have a perfect excuse to make school uniforms for their dolls!! I agree that a vinyl body would be an advantage for AG girls. I love how Australian Girls and Bonnie&Pearl dolls have the vinyl upper body. Make it so better looking, doesn’t it!

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