Mr Rochester’s wig

Today the heads of Arvid and Emilia have finally gone for a face-up to the US from where they should return looking like Edward Rochester and Jane Eyre. But before they went Ariadne and I had decided to make a wig for Mr Rochester. I have no experience in making wigs nor do I possess that precious patience which is required. Ariadne kindly offered to make a wig herself (though she didn’t have much experience either!)! Everyone probably remembers that spectacular and completely inappropriate wig that arrived with Arvid from Iplehouse. So, this wig will replace it.

We bought 2 packs of black saran from Dollmore (slightly more than 1 was used for this wig)… The hardest part was to repeat the outline of the hair that Mr Rochester / Timothy Dalton has. And the rest is history. May be Ariadne can explain herself how she managed to do it!

Anyway, here is the result!



7 thoughts on “Mr Rochester’s wig

  1. Лена, спасибо большое! Процесс находится в процессе… Пока нечего фотографировать, но я помню. 😉

  2. Wow! Standing applause! I can’t believe this is Ariadne’s first try!This is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. По-моему здорово получилось, вы большие умнички!!! И очень интересно узнать о процессе создания!!!

  4. Sviatlana, thanks a lot!! I can’t be happier with the result myself!!

    Марина, спасибо большое!

  5. Вот теперь действительно ближе к Рочестеру, чем к метросексуалу! 🙂 Очень здорово!

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