Anika’s new face

When I recently went for a short family break to Bintan in Indonesia, I took my little Anika with me. She was a perfect model, and I managed to take quite a lot of photos of her (which I will show eventually). But in the end she fell face down on a rock. It was truly terrifying, I must confess. She did suffer some injuries – scratches on the forehead, cheek and the largest one on the nose… Lucky for me, I have a great friend – Ariadne – who said she could save her. And save she did!!!

My Anika has just come back to me with a restored face and a brand new face-up by Ariadne! Ariadne has confessed to me that she herself fell in love with this new Anika!! This face-up is simply perfect! She also brought 2 wigs for a photo shoot which look so lovely on Anika that I will now have to get her the same ones!

IMG_4371_thumb IMG_4378_thumb

4 thoughts on “Anika’s new face

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the poor girl’s fall! But new face is just gorgeous! So lifelike! I love this Anika so much more!

  2. Sviatlana, thank you! I no longer regret the fall. The new face-up is so perfect that I am secretly glad I didn’t have to think twice about getting a new one!

  3. Оля, Аника стала такая красоточка! Такая индивидуальная, ни на кого не похожая. Мне очень-очень понравилась!

  4. Аня, спасибо большое! Я от нее просто пищу! И веснушки просто супер!

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