Another Ambriel

IMG_4394_thumbIMG_4256_thumbThis Ambriel (for she is yet another Ambriel!) was an unexpected addition to my collection. I have always liked her and would have ordered her, had I not already had two other Ambriels, even though they were quite different. But destiny has decided for myself. And the doll that I’ve always wanted to have has recently moved to me from my good friend in the US.

So, she is Ambriel by one of my favourite doll artists Bo Bergemann. She used to be called Autumn Ambriel. Unlike my other two Ambriels, she is in Pink Sugar skintone. She has an artist face-up by Bo herself.

She is wearing an outfit I made a year ago for a trip my Leda took to Paris, but the top has never been shown properly. I used a pattern from DollWest Designs, lace weight yarn and 1.25mm (US #0000) knitting needles. The top closes at back with 5 snaps.

Ambriel arrived to me with the straight wig which is my favourite, but I couldn’t resist a temptation of trying a curly wig on her. I like both but still prefer the straight one.

The girl still hasn’t told me her name, though…

10 thoughts on “Another Ambriel

  1. I’m so glad she is with you now! Autumn is still the most beautiful doll by Bo Bergemann for me. She is quite different from all my dolls and definetly haven’t got attention that she deserved living with me.I know that I found for her the best home possible. Now you have this absolutely stunning trio of gorgeous dolls by Bo! Thank you for adopting my girl! I hope to see her in your blog from time to time. She looks even more beautiful in your pictures!

  2. Sviatlana, thank you so much for her!! As you know, I am a big fan of Ambriel – in all her incarnations. And this Ambriel is exquisite! I LOVE her! Thank you for allowing me to have such a beauty! She will be very treasured here and her two cousins won’t let her get bored, that’s for sure!!

  3. Оль, для кудрявого парика нужен другой наряд, праздничный 🙂

  4. Марина, мне она все равно больше нравится со Светиным паричком. А другие наряды в планах есть, но руки пока проектами “Джейн Эйр” и “Север и Юг” заняты…

    1. Да, мне тоже со Светиным париком больше нравится. А кудрявый парик на праздники 🙂

  5. Какое очаровательное создание с большими красивыми глазами!
    Парички ей оба к лицу)))
    Интересно, какое же имя она себе когда-нибудь выберет?

  6. Лара, спасибо большое! С именем я даже не знаю. Может, ты что придумаешь? Хочется, чтобы сочеталось с Амбриэль и Ледой, было элегантным и обязательно английским, ибо эта Амбриэль у меня будет англичанкой (если помнишь, Леда – француженка, а Амбриэль – испанка). На языке пока крутятся имена вроде Ровена, Гвендолен, Галадриэль, Эовин… Но что-то все не совсем то…

  7. Марина, не, что-то не то. Еще варианты? У меня была мысль – Миранда, но… тоже не то…

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