Gemma and Joanna

I am very busy at the moment (today being a public holiday here, etc.), so just a quick post with a couple of photos of my Gemma and Joanna together.



6 thoughts on “Gemma and Joanna

  1. Даже невозможно выбрать кто из них эффектнее Каждая хороша по-своему

  2. These are two lovely well dressed girls, I love both their outfits…..I’m hoping soon that my Tanya will have new things to wear…poor girl, she has had to wait her turn, but has been very patient! 😉
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I would love to see your Tanya in new outfits! But that’s what happens when we have quite a few dolls – they have to wait for their turn to be dresses and to be photographed. But they are patient, indeed!

  3. Две милашки-очаровашки, как с витрины магазина, от которого невозможно отойти!!!
    Замечательные фотографии сестрёнок!!!

    1. Лена, спасибо огромное! Вот скажи, из них двух невозможно выбрать одну? Потому у меня и поселились обе!!

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