Lydia in Hong Kong. Disneyland Hotel

Our next destination in Hong Kong was Disneyland (for the sake of our children, of course!)! We stayed for 2 nights in the fabulous Disneyland Hotel and it is so magnificent that it deserves to be shown separately!


The Disneyland Hotel is built in a Victorian style and has lots Victorian style pictures on the walls. And it is certainly very grand.





A fun maze on the grounds of the hotel with a view of the South China Sea. (By the way, I managed to spot this hotel from the plane when we were flying back to Singapore! It looks spectacular even from the air!)


Inside the hotel.



Some photos of the hotel without Lydia!





What really made my day there were the fashion plates from the 1870s which I found on the walls!!

Les Modes Parisennes.




Godey’s Fashions for September and December 1870.




All around the hotel there were fun paintings imagining Disneyland in Victorian times. Impossible, of course, but fun!


And lastly, this was a small picture in Disneyland itself. I am not sure how I even managed to notice it as it was well hidden on one of the houses along the main street, but I guess I am well tuned to the 19th century fashions at the moment so nothing can escape me!


6 thoughts on “Lydia in Hong Kong. Disneyland Hotel

  1. WOW this is a lovely hotel, looks like you had a great time there…no-one really does it like Disney, do they! Love the photos of Lydia too, she’s so stylish, she fits in perfectly with the hotel and her attractive surroundings 🙂
    I’m glad you all had such a great time 🙂
    Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Yes, we had a great time there, including having tea in that grand hall with the Christmas tree. The distances in that hotel are also huge. And everything is sooo spacious, including rooms. It’s a true luxury to stay there!

  2. Lydia looks stunning. I once had a suit in the same patter ans her coat – loved that suite – so her outfit brought back lots of memories. 🙂

    thank you for sharing the fashion plate pictures as well. Very interesting.

    1. Thank you, Xyra! I am glad Lydia’s outfit has brought happy memories to you!

      I should really finally show the photos I took in the Victoria & Albert Museum and also Salisbury Museum last summer – historical outfits and dolls are just stunning in those museums!!

  3. Сказочный отель! Интересный, как музей, но при этом очень и очень уютный на вид)))

    PS. Оля, приглашаю тебя взглянуть на новый аутфит Эльфреды ;)Сегодня у себя в теме вывешу будничный вариант.

    1. Лара, спасибо большое! Отель и в самом деле потрясающий!

      В темку обязательо загляну сегодня!! Спасибо за то, что сообщаешь!!

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