Medieval Lady

This is my eldest daughter’s first ever doll – Emma by Carpatina. She got her for her 4th birthday, so the doll is now 7 years old! I had to change her wig because the old one was totally ruined. Her eyes are losing colour a bit, but she is still much loved. My daughter changed her into this dress, also by Carpatina, and I simply couldn’t resist taking a few photos – so beautiful she is!






16 thoughts on “Medieval Lady

  1. She looks lovely, despite her age!
    Your daughter must have taken great care of her, which is lovely 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Sharon, thank you! Well, yes, my daughter is careful with her dolls in general, but doesn’t brush them often enough. This was the reason, Emma’s hair was ruined. I had a baby straight after my daughter’s 4th birthday, and then another one soon after that, so I didn’t have time to think about the doll’s hair as well! And it was too late by the time I did. So, in the end I decided to change her wig. I wish it was more auburn just as the original wig was, but I like the way it is, too. I now do take great a great care of my daughters’ dolls in addition to mine as I often use theirs for my photosessions and I don’t want anymore ruined hair!!

  2. She’s quite lovely. I have a feeling she will go through sevearl more wigs during her life, but that’s not a bad thing to be so well loved.

    1. Xyra, thank you! Yes, you are right, we may have to change her wig in the future again, though now I have taken the brushing of my daughters’ dolls’ hair into my own hands!

  3. She’s realy lovely and your daughter had god care of her, you can tell that she has been loved. The outfit you made is magnificent 😉

  4. Эмма в этом образе выглядит просто чудесно! Что значит, любовь и забота

  5. Эмме очень идёт этот парик и это платье, отлично выглядит для своих семи лет!!!

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