Summer breeze dress for Michelle

This is another outfit made by my mum. I have another set of photos involving this dress on a different doll which I took in the summer while on holidays, but I’ll show it some time later.

This set is called Summer Breeze. It looks best on Kidz’n’Cats dolls (modelled here on my Michelle) but also fits A Girl for All Time dolls (shown here on Amelia). The dress is knitted from turquoise cotton yarn. It closes at the back with a matching zipper. The hat and the handbag are crocheted from the same cotton yarn. The crochet flower decorations on the hat and the dress are pins and can be removed or placed to a different place. The set includes a beaded necklace. A bonus is a matching yellow-and-blue rainbow loom bracelet made by my eldest daughter especially for this outfit.






And A Girl for All Time Amelia wearing this dress.



12 thoughts on “Summer breeze dress for Michelle

  1. Оль, у мамы такой характерный стиль, что можно не добавлять “Это еще один наряд, связанный моей мамой.”
    Я её работы узнаю где угодно 🙂 Как всегда, отлично!

  2. Very pretty colours…..makes me think that spring isn’t far away, although it doesn’t feel like it here today in Spain, it’s 5C and I’m freezing! 🙂
    Hugs Sharon x

  3. The dress is darling. Looks wonderful on both dolls. Takes on a different look with each as well; as if it adjusted to the personality of the wearer. The detailing is lovely too.

  4. I love the way knitting ant crocheting have been used to make this classy outfit. Every detail counts and the necklace is the perfect finishing touch.

  5. Отличный наряд, даже не знаю, кому из девчонок он больше идёт!!!

  6. Вот что мне нравится больше всего!!! это не просто платье, сразу комплект. Одевает девочка свою “подружку” , тут тебе еще и шляпка , и сумочка !
    Красивый комплектик!

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