Three more dresses for Michelle

Some more dresses for Kidz’n’Cats dolls that I have recently made (these were a custom order). I added white sashes to these dresses, but not all of them have made it to the pictures!

All three dresses are my own design, with a fully lined bodice. All close at the back with zippers.

Dress One. Turquoise dress with flowers and polka dots.





Dress Two. Red polka-dot one.





Dress Three. This one has got a name! It’s a Frosty morning dress.





12 thoughts on “Three more dresses for Michelle

  1. “морозное утро” вне конкуренции ! Кажется, что от рисунка ткани веет холодом…

    1. Таня, спасибо большое! Мне тоже очень нравится эта “морозная” ткань!

  2. How lovely she looks in all her new dresses. My favourite is the red one. With the full skirt and frill and the bright fabric, it reminds me of my daughter’s flamenco dress – it’s a day version of the dance dress.

  3. These are very pretty Olga, I particularly like the last one, but wondered, why Frosty Morning dress, is there a story behind it?
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you, Sharon! No, there isn’t a story behind that dress. It’s just sometimes a dress is just calling for a name. I do try to name at least the dresses that I sell on Etsy, but sometimes I just give up and sometimes some interesting name comes to my mind (usually, based on the fabric itself). This is the case here.

  4. Великолепные платья!Чудесная девочка. А в свое время ее не разглядела, а теперь локти кусаю.

    1. Аня, спасибо большое! Я вот тоже ее не разглядела, когда она была свободно доступна. Ее сестренка Ева с голубыми глазами мне не нравится, а вот Галина – просто прелесть! Я так рада, что мне удалось ее найти!!

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