My gorgeous Indira loves wearing traditional Indian outfits. This one is a Peshawari dress which is a three-piece set consisting of pants, tunic and scarf. The scarf is always worn with the ends thrown at the back. This outfit was NOT made by me. I saw it at one of the recent fairs in Singapore and decided to buy it as it was a perfect colour for my Indira (and I didn’t want to spend hours trying to find similar fabric to make it myself). The outfit was meant for American Girl dolls but fits Bonnie & Pearl dolls beautifully.







I asked my eldest daughter to make a bracelet to match this outfit. And that’s what she made out of Rainbow Loom bands (I bought these especially for this bracelet).


12 thoughts on “Indira

  1. This looks lovely on her, Indira really has gorgeous colouring and lovely hair.
    You were fortunate to be able to buy this ‘off the peg’ for her!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain x

    1. Thank you, Sharon! Well, we are still in Singapore – the melting pot of nations, and there are Indian, Chinese and even Malay doll outfits here (frankly, it’s only this one business that produces these outfits). I also have bought some uniforms of stewardesses of our favourite airlines – Singapore Airlines – for American Girl dolls from them. Much to the excitement of my girls! I really need to take pictures of those, too!

  2. Она невероятная красавица в этом наряде, глаз не оторвать, такая яркая!!!

  3. Ой, какая необычная юная красавица в золотом! Браслетик просто очарователен)))

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