I am still having a holiday at the moment and here is the doll I brought to live with my mum as a model a few weeks ago. She is Catherine doll by Bonnie & Pearl. My daughter named her Erin. Otherwise, she usually goes by a nickname Bonnie in our house, but I will let my daughter call her Erin.

The first thing I wanted to do after I managed to relax a bit after all that packing and moving was to make something new for Erin. I just wanted to get her out of her original outfit which wasn’t very flattering to her. I found some scraps of fabric in the colour I thought would compliment her best (blue!) and made this outfit. The top is made from a pattern by Suzy M Studio while the skirt is my own pattern. The top and the skirt close at the back with snaps.

I think, the new outfit suits Erin very well.








More photos are in the gallery below:

2 thoughts on “Erin

  1. Очень ей идет! Топ интересный, и по крою, и по ткани, юбка отличная. Хорошо все сочетается. Девочке очень подходит по цвету, и девочка милая.

    1. Инна, спасибо большое! Девочка очень милая. Мне вообще куклы Bonnie & Pearl очень нравятся. Именно эта оказалась у меня случайно, по ошибке, но осталась и успешно прижилась. И чем больше на нее смотрю, тем больше любуюсь.

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