A Girl for All Time at the London Toy Fair 2018

And now to my favourite doll brand and my favourite stand at the Toy Fair!! A Girl for All Time!! Their stand was absolutely amazing this year! It occupied the same place as before but has expanded and looked absolutely fabulous!

The historical dolls and outfits were on one side while the modern dolls occupied another.

Two new dolls, due to be released around late March – early April this year, are now available for pre-order on the A Girl for All Time website.

One of them is a historical doll – Elinor, Your Elizabethan Girl. She is a great granddaughter of the first doll – Matilda (the Tudor Girl). Her story will begin in 1603 when she turns 13, so, most likely, she was born around 1590. Elinor has deep blue eyes and gorgeous red wavy hair (made out of 3 different shades of red!).

The second doll is a modern girl Bex. She lives in the present time and is a friend of Maya (who is also Matilda’s descendant) and Nisha.

Some of the older girls – Matilda, Lydia and Clementine.

This year all extra A Girl for All Time outfits were displayed on doll forms and looked absolutely stunning!

Are you excited about the approaching release of Elinor and Bex? I simply can’t wait!


5 thoughts on “A Girl for All Time at the London Toy Fair 2018

  1. Thank you for all the lovely pictures. So far I only have Lydia from this line. I wish I could afford more.

    When do you think we’ll see more information about their boy doll?

  2. Ooooooh I really love Bex, she’s gorgeous! I did have a Lydia in the past but sold her because she wasn’t for me, but this new modern girl is much more my cup of tea! I might have to do a little bit of dolly shuffling in order to get her!!
    I love all the accessories from My Generation Dolls in your last post too, and the outfits….what a great time you had at the Doll Fair!! 🙂

  3. Олечка, спасибо за интересную публикацию, смотрели и читали вместе с Маринкой!!! Очень впечатляет этот проект, желаю ещё большего успеха!!!

  4. Incredible exhibition with all the costumes displayed on block forms.enhances the magic of these innovative dolls which span English historical times thru the present. Wonderful mis and choices of dolls from different eras. True eye candy for the discerning collector and child.

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