Spring Blossom dress for Matilda

This is the last dress I made from this red fabric. I do have some left, but the piece is so small, I haven’t decided how to use it yet.

This time the dress is for A Girl for All Time dolls. I think, red really suits Matilda. The bodice of the dress is lined with white batiste. It closes at the back with a zip. The white sash is not attached to the dress and is made of white cotton.






4 thoughts on “Spring Blossom dress for Matilda

  1. Through your blog Matilda is really starting to grow on me. I always thought she looked rather severe and not as cute as Gotz or KnC or AG. But your photos show such a sweet little girl!

    1. Sandra, thank you so much. I am so glad that my photos help to show her true self! Matilda is even better in person, I am totally in love with her!! And wait until they release Lydia in August. She is absolutely gorgeous, too – I can’t wait to get her!!

      By the way, these girls make wonderful friends with Kidz dolls.

  2. Matilda is so beautiful. I don’t think there is a color that looks bad on her.

    I love these dolls although I have yet to get Amelia. I am anxiously awaiting Lydia this fall.

    Your dresses are so lovely. Thank you for sharing how you make your patterns. I may try it one of these days.

    Do you make the shoes or do you have a source for them? My poor Matilda goes barefoot most of the time.

    1. Diane, thank you so much! I adore Matilda – she is so special! And I agree I think whatever she wears – it suits her! What an amazing doll she is!

      No, I am yet to learn how to make doll shoes (but I am determined I will learn the skill!!). I tried to make Tudor shoes for Matilda to match her Tudor outfit but they ended up in a bin and she is wearing the same red shoes as on these photos underneath the Tudor dress! I buy shoes for Matilda and Co here: http://stores.ebay.com/debsadorables/ . For her and Kidz’n’Cats dolls I have bought an assortment of shoes for Sasha dolls and Magic Attic dolls (quite honestly, I can’t remember which are which, some are a bit roomy, but the other are a perfect fit). We have a lot of Carpatina shoes and they fit Matilda perfectly, too.

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