Another Caroline

Quite a long time ago I already showed American Girl Caroline. That doll was supposed to be my daughter’s and I took her out of the box in advance – to take some pictures, but then my daughter changed her mind. And that Caroline went to my friend Ariadne – to work as a model.

However, luckily, my daughter has fallen in love with Caroline again. She thinks she looks like queen Elsa from Frozen. And most children are mad about Frozen!! So, here is our new Caroline.






6 thoughts on “Another Caroline

    1. Лена, спасибо! Она нежнейшее создание, это точно! И глаз таких нет ни у одной другой куклы АГ.

  1. Hi Gwendolen, she’s a lovely doll! She looks very pretty in her dress and hat too :-). Have a great weekend, Linda

    1. Thank you, Linda! My daughter made me promise her that I would make her Caroline Elsa’s dress!

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