Matilda packing for a holiday

Matilda has decided it is time to pack for her holiday!


And what does one need for a good holiday? That’s right! A CAMERA!!



Matilda got really excited to get this Canon DSLR camera!




Just imagine what wonderful photographs she will be able to take!


No, Matilda, this camera will not fit in that suitcase!


Why is it always so hard to close a suitcase??


Finally, Matilda is ready for the journey!



A few more photographs of her little camera.


IMG_9605Now, would you believe that it is an almost exact copy of my own camera?

IMG_9614Matilda’s and my cameras side by side!


18 thoughts on “Matilda packing for a holiday

  1. The picture of Matilda taking a picture with her camera is adorable. I hope you, your family, and your dolls have a wonderful holiday. Safe travels.

    1. Julia, thank you so much! I am in total awe with this little camera and it is a perfect size for Matilda.

      I can’t wait to get away from the routine and get some rest! But the blog will still live its own life and will be updated regularly!

  2. Amazing little camera! Have a safe trip and a great vacations! I’m sure there will be a lot of beautiful pictures after your return.

  3. Класс!!! Глазам не поверила!!! Сначала подумала, что фотошоп и ты замечательно вписала фотик в руки Матильде! Оля, просто удивительно! Какой маленький…. столько кнопочек…

    1. Таня, я рада, что тебе фотоаппарат понравился. Он совершенно как настоящий. И кстати, небесполезный. Это флешка на 8 Гб.

    1. Хе, нет, фотографировать этот фотик не умеет, к сожалению!

  4. The little camera is fabulous!!! Great pictures and accessories! I wish you a great holiday, have fun!!! Linda

  5. Очень понравились фотографии сборов Матильды, всё по-настоящему настолько, что веришь сразу!!!

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