Ross and Demelza at the mines

The last set of Poldark photos from my trip to Cornwall! This time it’s mines that are located very close to each other along the same coast. I won’t talk too much this time. Just enjoy the photos!

Firstly, it’s Wheal Leisure, Ross’s mine.

Here is the same mine but from the other side!

The front of the mine.

And, finally, the minу that belonged to Ross’s cousin Francis.

7 thoughts on “Ross and Demelza at the mines

  1. After I saw your beautiful Poldark project pictures, I fell in love with Clementine and had to buy her (as well as Matilda. These dolls are hard to refuse!) I would like to be able to change wigs on the dolls, but do not know how to remove the wigs they have. Will the old wig be destroyed when it is removed? I would be grateful for any advice. Your website is a constant inspiration!

    1. Thank you, Deja!! How exciting!! Well, with the wigs it’s unpredictable. Sometimes they are destroyed, sometimes they are fine and can be re-used and sometimes they can be saved. I always start from the forehead area and slowly work from there. I use a table spoon for lifting the wig. If it gets really stubborn, I apply a bit of acetone-free nail polish remover. it’s not as hard as it sounds! Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much, Olga. These dolls are so beautiful, and I will always remember that I first saw them on your blog!! <3 Be sure that I will keep on reading!!

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