Yet another Bonnie & Pearl doll

I said before that Bonnie & Pearl dolls are very hard to resist! Here is my third girl. I wanted a dark haired girl and I must say, had hard time choosing between two dolls with brown eyes and brown hair but in the end decided to go for the darker skinned one, just for a change.

I have already talked a lot about these lovely dolls. Here are the links to my two previous reviews: Beatrice doll and Olivia doll. So, I will not repeat myself here and will just show the new doll.

Since I’ve got all my three dolls, the company has changed the way they named them. Before they didn’t have names, now they do. I have discovered, to my surprise, that the red haired doll is now called Beatrice – exactly the name I gave mine, well before they named their doll (though I still call mine Tris)! The blond doll with brown eyes is now called Olivia, though mine will keep her name – she is Florence.

The new girl is called Sophia in the shop, but I have decided to call her Olivia. Very confusing, I know, but I think it suits her better. (Update 23/12/2014: I have decided to give this girl an Indian name as it suits her better. So, she is now Indira or, simply, Indi).




I’ve decided to try an Indian outfit on her. It’s not made by me, I bought it a few years ago from someone who makes American Girl doll dresses in Singapore – for my daughter’s AG doll. It fits Olivia (well, now Indira) quite well. And I think the style suits her.





My three Bonnie & Pearl beauties together.


I thought I would show a close-up of blue eyes. I talked about them in my first review and said they scared me at first. You can see, their pupils are basically blue and they do reflect light, so one has to be careful when photographing these dolls with blue eyes. Still, my Tris is beautiful and I love her a lot!


And another photo of Indira, Tris and Florence.


More photographs are in the gallery below:

12 thoughts on “Yet another Bonnie & Pearl doll

  1. Оливии очень идет сари. Все три- красотки. Невозможно выбрать, кто лучше 🙂
    Фотографии на сером фоне получаются очень яркими и четкими. Мне очень нравится фон

    1. Марина, спасибо! Да, все три очень разные и все три чудесные, но у меня все же есть любимица.

      Серый фон мне тоже больше нравится.

  2. Поздравляю, теперь полный комплект))) И это еще не вся коллекция!
    Мулаточка – красотка !

    1. Таня, спасибо! А я все равно хочу еще и светлокожую брюнетку – либо Шарлотту (кареглазую) либо Катрин (голубоглазую). Пока не определюсь, точно устою!

  3. Each time I see one of your Bonnie and Pearl I feel it more difficult to resist. You are such a good doll photographer.
    I must say that Olivia in an Indian outfit has found her true identity. Well done.

    1. Line, thank you so much! You’ve made my day with your compliments! These dolls are indeed hard to resist! I want another one – the brown-eyed brunette Charlotte (though, I must admit, Catherine is tempting, too!). But am trying very hard to resist for the moment!!

  4. Олечка, вот именно эта девочка мне больше всех нравится, а уж в сари она великолепна!!!
    Ещё бы босичком и с браслетиками на ножках)))
    Все три замечательно смотрятся на твоих фотографиях!!!

    1. Леночка, спасибо большое! Да, пожалуй, босиком было бы еще лучше. Но ей нужно самодельное сари. Это мне не очень нравится (и ты знаешь мою нелюбовь к розовому цвету!). Может, и сошью. Надо только ткань подходящую найти, пока мы в Синге… Ты еще не соблазнилась на такую? 😉

  5. Thank you Olga, for the beautiful photographs. Your new doll just looks exquisite in the Indian clothes. Very inspiring. From Grace.

  6. We are lucky enough to live in south wales not far from where Bonnie and Pearl are based. My youngest daughter now has two the lovely Beatrice (Daisy-Pearl) and the new Bonnie who has a bobbed hairstyle (Hollie-Eve. Fabulous dolls quite fancy one myself.

    1. You are very lucky, Beth! I wish I could see those dolls in a shop – must be very interesting!! I love the new Bonnie girl, her eyes are beautiful. I might get one at some point, too.

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