Funko POP Tenth Doctor

Continuing with the Doctor Who theme… When we visited the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, my children managed to persuade me to buy them these Funko POP figurines. I must admit that I am not a fan of these. I simply don’t like dolls that are disproportionate. I’ve seen lots of my favourite characters in this format (including the Outlander ones) and I have never been tempted – just not my thing. But since we’ve got them, I thought I’ll show them, too!

So, here is my daughter’s Tenth Doctor in Cardiff.





And here Ten is joined by my son’s Dalek from the same Funko POP series. I really should have put them face to face but after both of them fell off that fence, I gave up on photographing them further!



2 thoughts on “Funko POP Tenth Doctor

  1. Hi Olga, Have you ever tried working with the 4th Doctor Who, Tom Baker? My son and I watched him and John Pertwee on PBS for many years while he was being brought up. He absolutely loves Tom Baker. What doll do you think mostly features Tom Baker’s likeness? My son dresses like him for Halloween and wears his clothes specially made for him during the year as well.

    1. Hi Elaine, I love the 4th Doctor’s scarf! Otherwise, I am not such a big fan of the original series. I started watching Doctor Who with the 3rd Doctor, quickly moving on to the 4th one. I’ve seen quite a lot of episodes with Tom Baker and I think he is brilliant. And I love Sarah Jane Smith. But I wasn’t brought up on Doctor Who. I didn’t even know about its existence until about 3 years ago!! I only decided to watch it because I was curious what inspired Outlander series! I became a huge fan of the renewed series, especially, of the 9th and 10th Doctors (11th is OK, too). And now I find the old series very slow – my kids couldn’t cope with it. How old is your son?
      As for the doll, I don’t remember what colour Tom Baker’s eyes are, but I think Julie’s mold (AG) should work well. Stephan by Carpatina would work, too. It has to be a doll with a mischievous expression! And then a curly wig. I think, making a scarf and a hat like his will make the doll instantly recognizable. Actually, now that we started talking about it, I am getting interested in the idea of customizing a doll like him!

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