Peeks of Tenth Doctor’s suit and coat for AG dolls

Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook page already know that I am currently working on a pattern for the Tenth Doctor’s suit and coat. I didn’t plan it but it kind of happened by itself when I started making this outfit for our upcoming trip to Cardiff to visit Doctor Who Experience (again!!) before it closes down. I have just finished making the whole outfit and have taken step-by-step photos of the process and I will make it all into a pattern once I am back from the trip.

So, here are some sneak peeks (again, my followers on Instagram and Facebook have already seen these photos).

This is what this outfit looks like (the colours on this photo are a bit too dark but it gives the idea).

These are the fabrics that I got for the outfit.


The first (and only for the moment) peek of the finished suit. It has a proper vent at the back, fully lined.


Now, the coat that the Doctor wears is crazy! It has multiple darts, a pleat at the back as well as a vent that has totally crazy pleats with buttons!

My version of the back pleats.


My coat has working welt pockets with flaps!


Now, this is one of the close-ups of those crazy pleats in the vent!

I believe I have nailed it!


More photos of the outfit are coming. And, of course, the photos of Ten and Rose in Cardiff as well!!

2 thoughts on “Peeks of Tenth Doctor’s suit and coat for AG dolls

    1. Xyra, thank you so much!! I’ve just come back from the Cardiff trip and have loads of photos of this Ten and Rose from there!! Will post soon!!

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