First teaser from the trip to Scotland

I am back from our 2-week Scottish adventure. I have visited lots of amazing castles, fell in love with Edinburgh, even went ‘over the sea to Skye’! And, of course, visited quite a number of Outlander and North and South filming locations. Photos are coming soon.

Here is the first one – Jamie and Claire coming home to Lallybroch.

7 thoughts on “First teaser from the trip to Scotland

    1. Hello!
      Love these – hope you will do some patters for EID Jamie and Claire!
      I have made Jamie’s EID shirt and Claire’s shift using your guidelines – and a Kilt for Jamie!
      What a wonderful experience for you –

      1. Thank you, Patti. My BJDs are terribly neglected at the moment. Really need to finish Jamie and Claire’s outfits! I’ll see what I can do.

  1. Oh my goodness, WOW. Your photography is breathtaking–as always!–and the dolls look right at home there. You must have had an absolutely fabulous time! So happy for you!!

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