Some North & South and Outlander costumes sneak peeks

The dream of my life is about to come true – I am going to Scotland!! And, of course, I couldn’t go without dolls. Especially, since at least 2 of my favourite TV series have strong connections (and multiple locations!) with Scotland – North and South (2004) where Edinburgh played the part of fictional Milton, and, of course, Outlander.

I am going to take two dolls with me – customized Carpatina Prince Stephan and customized A Girl for All Time Lydia. Both of them are going to play both parts – of Mr Thornton and Margaret Hale (in Edinburgh) and Jamie and Claire Fraser in the rest of Scotland (change of wig will be required on the spot!).

Here are some sneak peeks of the costumes I have made for this trip (that is why I’ve been so quiet recently – I was working hard on these multi-layered outfits!). More photos will be shown after the trip.

Margaret Hale.

Mr Thornton. The cravat was just a test, the final cravat is black!

And, finally, Jamie Fraser (I’ve had Claire’s costume for a couple of years so I didn’t have to make that one now!).

6 thoughts on “Some North & South and Outlander costumes sneak peeks

  1. WOW, the outfits look fantastic!! (As do the dolls, they’re so pretty!) You did such a fabulous job making everything, it all looks amazingly detailed and accurate. Can’t wait to hear about your trip to Scotland! All the best, and safe travels!

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